Thinking of Men this June

June - mens healthFather’s Day can be hard on men who struggle with infertility. In my conversations with men about their feelings on fatherhood, many have shared their deep dreams about how they hope to one day be someone’s hero. How they look forward to helping their kid learn to play baseball or fix a car or scare the crap out of some highschool boy coming to take their daughter out on her first date. They hope that one day they too will get a cheesy mug or tie. But for now, Father’s Day is a empty question mark.

While it can be difficult for women to find resources, advice and support when struggling with infertility, it is even harder for men. Men have few channels to get emotional support. The stigma around male infertility makes it hard to reach out to friends or family. Men can also find it very hard to get proper medical advice. Most men will never get a diagnosis for the underlying cause of infertility. But, they need to.

Recent studies show that a man’s fertility can be a good indicator of his future health. Nearly all the health risks associated with chronic disease and early death — such as obesity, smoking, poor diet, high stress, lack of exercise and the like — have also been shown to impair sperm production. If a man has a fertility issue, it could be a sign that he has something else going on and should be evaluated by a urologist who specializes in male fertility.

June is Men’s Health Month. By supporting men on their health journeys, we can help them on their path to fatherhood and help them stay strong and healthy as they bring up the next generation. Throughout the month, there will be free health screenings, educational events and fundraisers dedicated to building awareness about men’s health issues (including infertility)

Here are some of the events that will be happening:

June 9-13 It’s a Guy Thing Male Fertility Summit:
Kristen Magnacca Darcy and Don’t Cook your Balls have teamed up to offer a free 5 day online summit dedicated to all the issues surrounding male fertility. It is designed to help couples struggling with male fertility issues to learn more about the condition and connect to key resources to support their journey. It will cover key topics such as testosterone and fertility, varicocele – treat or not to treat, advanced treatment options for azoospermia, tips and tricks to communicating with your wife, what to do when biology won’t cooperate.

June 13: The Drive for Men’s Health:
Dr’s Jamin Brahmbhatt and Sijo Parekattil, are leaving the operating room behind and taking to the highway. They are traveling from Florida to NYC in an all-electric Tesla vehicle to spread the word about men’s health issues. Throughout the drive, the physicians will broadcast live through Google Glass in order to discuss men’s health issues, as well as related partners and sponsors.

There are many more great Men’s Health events happening throughout the country. Check out the official Men’s Health Month calendar to learn more.

Get Involved
You can help! By simply posting a picture to facebook, twitter or instagram, you can raise awareness about male infertility AND raise money to support free health screenings for men.

What to do:

1 – Take a picture: of something that is bad for your testicular health (smoking, tight pants, hottubs, a donut, you get the idea) with the phase “don’t cook your balls” somewhere in the picture
2 – Post the picture to facebook, twitter or instagram with the hashtag #dontcookyourballs
3 – Ask friends to like, share and retweet

During the month of June, for every picture posted that is tagged with #dontcookyourballs, $0.50 will be donated to the Men’s Health Network to support free health screenings for men. Posts with the most likes, favorites and retweets will be awarded weekly prizes, while the most popular post of the month will receive a grand prize. See official contest page for more details.

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