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The Gift of Life Book Intro

The Gift of Life by Keily J AdeyI recently received a copy of the book, the Gift of Life from Keily Adey.  This book was a very quick read.  I could so relate to this book because of my own person journey.  This book was written like a journal so I felt like I was right there with her each step of the way.  The beginning of the book has a glossory of abbreviations and definitions which would be helpful for anyone that is just starting out on their journey.  I loved how she included pictures and highlighted events in her life outside of her infertility story.  It really made me feel like I got to know her and her husband a little more. 

There are some really defining moments in Keily’s journey as she shares the most difficult time in her life.  She realized the need to follow her gut instinct and to move in a different direction when things weren’t working out.  I really admire her and all the other authors out there that are willing to share the most difficult time in their life to help others that are going through the same pain.

Keily says, ” Each step is a new milestone to get past”.  

The Gift of Life

Through multiple miscarriages, infertility and the possibility of giving birth to a child with special needs, Keily J. Adey and her husband Paul, struggle to create the family that they have always wanted.  Her diary, a personal and graphic account of their life; the indignity and dismay of public heartache and medical examinations are an insight into how age, past medical history and money can all affect a strong relationship and the prospect of ever becoming a family.

About the Author
Keily J. Adey is married to Paul and they have two children together, she is a full time mother to her daughter Isla and her son Noah. Keily resides with her family in a small village near Wolverhampton, England. When Keily isn’t changing nappies, washing dirty laundry and cleaning up toys, she loves reading, writing, walking, camping, home brewing and eating and drinking in quaint pubs.
You can follow Keily’s blog or on twitter @keilyadey

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