Surviving Infertility Month to Month Cover FINAL 525 x 691Surviving  Infertility:

Month to Month Guide

by Lisa Drouillard & Guest Writer, Fran Meadows ($19)

Surviving infertility is a month by month survival guide written by your virtual girlfriends, Lisa & Fran, and many cameo appearances from mind/body professionals too.  We reflect on our infertility experiences, how we coped and what we learned in this guide that is organized by month and covers all of the major holidays and occasions that you must tackle on your journey. We also worked with some well-known mind/body professionals to create guided exercises that complement the monthly content.   Monthly workbook pages allow you to create a custom plan to stay on track.  The reference section is chock full of infertility terms, tips and tricks to surviving infertility and is a must have reference for anyone going through infertility treatment.

There are many amazing professionals including authors and mind/body professionals that are represented from the Infertility Survival Kit in this eBook.  The Infertility Survival Kit is mobile friendly directory compatible with any smartphone and an iPhone app that serves as a one-stop-shop for resources on your infertility journey.

A wonderful combination of personal experiences and professional wisdom including mind/body exercises, meditations, practical tips and bonus content.

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Contributors Include:

Helen Adrienne is a Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Practitioner of Mind/Body Therapy and Author of On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility.

Fran Meadows is the author of The Truth Behind the Secret Infertility and an infertility advocate.

Molly Nichols is a Fertility Coach and the Founder of Mind Belly Connection where she strives to educate, support and inspire women battling infertility.

Joanne Verkuilen  is the Founder and Co-CEO of Circle + Bloom, which offers innovative mind body programs to address women’s health, starting with fertility and conception.

Renee Waggener is the Founder of Xtraordinary Fertility, a Certified Professional Coach and a Master Practitioner at administering an Energy Assessment called X-factor.

Jill Wardell has an MA in Transformative Leadership and Social Change Program from Tai Sophia Institute, and is a certified coach through the Newfield Network and specializes in personal/leadership presence work and relationship coaching.

Candace & Chris were featured in the MTV documentary “True Life, I’m Desperate the Have a Baby” and bloggers at Our Misconception blog.

Surviving Infertility: Month by Month Guide eBook is a “self-help” style eBook that helps cope with the challenges you face when you are going through infertility diagnosis and treatment.  The dread, fear and despair that can come with an approaching holiday can feel like the walls are caving in.  I wanted to help by first letting you know, that it is ok to feel the way you feel AND to provide a helpful exercise for you use to better manage those emotions.  As I got deeper into the project it grew into a much bigger and more comprehensive eBook with much more content, many mind/body professionals and sections where you can journal too.

In a world that is so fast paced, you might feel like you don’t have the time to read an entire book, especially if you are in in the doctor’s office every other day.  The beauty of this eBook is that it is meant to be a quick reference for you. Just pop it open to the current month, read the chapter and the mind/body practice in less than 15 minutes and feel empowered & enlightened.  Of course, you can read it from cover to cover too but if you don’t have the time, you won’t feel like you have to start from scratch.

The book is organized by month and focuses specifically on the holiday, season or special occasion in that month and how it impacts you on your journey.  This content was written by Fran Meadows and myself and comes from a patient’s perspective.  We understand that all these special days throughout the year can be extremely difficult to navigate.  Each month contains a section called the mind/body connection that includes a mind/body practice from a professional and is meant to serve as a way for you to be able to move forward with a way to better manage what you may be struggling with.  These practices are quick and easy to follow AND they really will help you learn to refocus your energy in a way that makes you feel empowered.


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Exclusive Bonus Content:

• Fertility Organizer Premium Membership ($60) – annual membership of My Hopeful Journey’s popular desktop and mobile app featured in Fertility Road Magazine and the American Fertility Association’s recent blog post highlighting Fertility Apps & Techie Tools

• Infertility Insights – Voices Shared, Lessons Learned ($9.99) – We asked the infertility community through blogs and social media to complete the statement, “I wish I would have known…. about infertility”. These voices in the community show their strength and courage by sharing their powerful lessons learned in an effort to help others on their journey. The eBook includes each person’s link in the Infertility Survival Kit so you may connect to them through their social media, blogs and website. Many of them advocate and support this community with a passion to make a difference on your journey.