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Sneak Peek: Surviving Infertility Month to Month eBook

Topics Page Suviving InfertilityThe Girlfriend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility eBook collection officially launches on September 3rd.  This is a unique collection that is comprised of 6 eBooks, an annual membership to our fertility organizer and 2 guides to help you simplify your infertility journey. 

The reason why I believe this collection is truly unique is that it includes much more than information from 1 person, it was written by many people in the infertility community.  This eBook is organized by month and focuses specifically on the holiday, season or special occasion in that month and how it impacts you on your journey.  Each month contains a section called the mind/body connection that includes a mind/body practice from a professional and is meant to serve as a way for you to be able to move forward with a way to better manage what you may be struggling with.  These practices are quick and easy to follow AND they really will help you learn to refocus your energy in a way that makes you feel empowered.

Just pop it open to the current month, read the chapter and the mind/body practice in less than 15 minutes and feel empowered & enlightened.

Since TODAY is September 1st here is a sneak peek

There are back to school signs and sales all over the place but I have the feeling there is something else that you’re preparing for… It is back to treatment. Hopefully you were able to take a break over the summer, went on an if-cation, and had a chance to rest, relax and regroup. Now that you have had a few months to regroup from the stress of infertility, it is time to get back into treatment mode. 

In this month you will find out…

What can you do to prepare for treatment?

Three quick and easy steps to organizing chaos.

and also have a place to write your personal commitment for the month.

Stay tuned for September 3rd to purchase this exclusive collection.

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