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Simplify Infertility with the Infertility Survival Kit App – Now Available

Simplify infertility with the Infertility Survival Kit.  The Infertility Survival Kit provides patients easy access to the information, tools and resources to simplify their infertility journey.  The kit includes the My Hopeful Journey fertility organizer, a to do list, the greatest social media integration and a comprehensive directory of services, products and events.

The Infertility Survival Kit is available in the Apple Store for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch


  • ORGANIZER includes My Hopeful Journey’s mobile organizer which allows patients to manage their infertility cycle day to day with a calendar, task list and organizer.  The calendar includes categories for appointments, medications, procedures, tests and natural tracking.
  • TO DO includes basic infertility terminology including abbreviations, preliminary steps, diagnostics test and procedures that includes the ability to customize the existing content and add or delete items.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA completely integrates the app with access to My Hopeful Journey’s social media site including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest along with highly integrated social media sharing buttons on each page to allow users to easily share content and resources to their social media communities.
  • DIRECTORY & EVENTS provides users access to a comprehensive directory of resources that provide services, products and events to the infertility community.


“There are excellent resources available to the infertility community but no single place where a patient can go to find these resources in an easy to use, mobile & most important, comprehensive app until NOW.  Our mission is to simplify infertility for this community.”

The app is available in the App Store to download FREE.  Infertility professionals may also list their businesses for FREE or they may create an upgraded listings for more content or higher visibility.

If you don’t have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can still access these resources from our mobile friendly website, Infertility Survival Kit.

Please visit My Hopeful Journey or Infertility Survival Kit for more information about our patient and professional services available.

My Hopeful Journey launched in 2011 and continues to provide web and mobile solutions to help patients and professionals in the infertility community.

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