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Pregmama Works to Develop Therapy to Prevent Infertility

pregmamaI am personally very excited to share this with the My Hopeful Journey community because this research could be significant for women, like myself, that were diagnosed with infertility very young, or frequent miscarriages and birth defects. Many women in this community have had to deal with both the pain of infertility and pregnancy loss. For many women, especially (but not exclusively) women over 35, this is caused by “diminished ovarian reserve (DOR)”  The diagnosis of DOR can almost stop infertility treatment in its tracks because the statistics are so very low in treatment that many clinics won’t do IVF. Often times the diagnosis of DOR comes with a conversation of donor eggs, which may or many not be an option. I am so excited that women may have more options in the near future as it relates to certain diagnoses that were previously very close to impossible to treat with your own eggs.

 Over a year ago I met “Dr. Lori,” the scientist who invented a new therapy to help women with DOR so they can use their own eggs to have healthy babies. Dr. Lori’s dedication to the infertility community is remarkable. You can learn all about her work to prevent infertility, miscarriages, and Down syndrome by going to ,and by reading a letter that she wrote, below:

Hello Folks!

I had 8 miscarriages while trying to build my family. Now we have 2 kids. The entire ordeal lasted years and was unspeakable agony. For years, I have been deeply committed to helping others so they can have a healthy baby, without all of this suffering. Being a scientist, I invented a therapy to prevent this from happening to other people, and my husband and I started a company calledPregmama whose purpose is to develop this therapy and bring it to the patient.

Pregmama is now a team of scientists, physicians, and business people working together to develop this new therapy, which is designed toprevent not only infertility and miscarriages, but also birth defects such as Down syndrome, especially for women of age 35 and over.

Our research is now verging on major breakthroughs that could help hundreds of thousands of aspiring parents and their babies each year.

Miscarriages, infertility, and Down syndrome pregnancies happen much more frequently in women as they age, especially once a woman reaches 35.

This is called “advanced maternal age,” or AMA, even though 35 is still young. Miscarriages, infertility, and Down syndrome pregnancies are all caused by “egg infertility.” Egg infertility is a tendency for AMA women’s bodies to produce eggs that have the wrong number of chromosomes, so they don’t develop normally. Either a child is never born, or it is born with a serious “trisomic birth defect” (where the baby has one too many copies of a chromosome) such as Down syndrome.

Millions of people worldwide have experienced these problems, and many more suffer in fear of them while they attempt pregnancy themselves.

When a growing baby has the wrong number of chromosomes, it cannot develop normally. This is what causes infertility, a miscarriage, or a trisomic live born or stillborn pregnancy such as Down syndrome. It also gives rise to other devastating trisomic liveborns that live for only a short time.

We need your help! Please learn more about what we are doing, and join our team. Go to our Indiegogo campaign at:

Dr. Lori Bernstein (aka “Dr. Lori”), Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Pregmama, LLC; Adjunct Faculty at University of Maryland School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Medicine and Texas A & M College of Veterinary Medicine

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