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MTV’s True Life Candace & Chris Join Us in the Girlfriend’s Survival Guide…

MTV True Life Tweet Chat - b&w couple - no datesDid you see the MTV documentary True Life, I’m Desperate to Have a Baby? This show was so amazing and it really did do a good job at showing the viewers (in a snapshot) what people with infertility endure.  Candace and Chris are going way beyond the show by continuing to share their story in the community, on their blog and in our upcoming eBook Surviving Infertility Month to Month Guide that is part of the Girlfriend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility collection

I asked them to preview the eBook Surviving Infertility Month to Month Guide eBook that her and Chris contributed content to and here’s what she had to say:

“Now,  where was this eBook when we first started out on IFcoaster? It would have been nice to have this available then. Really, this e-book an excellent resource for those who find the holidays difficult, need some encouragement or a good laugh for that matter. We jumped at the opportunity contribute and to be an affiliate. Why wouldn’t we?! Our emotional bruises and lessons learned (hence wiser from our bruises) were not in vain. Infertility is isolating and so many walk that path alone. As an affiliate or blogger like Chris and myself, we want to do everything we can to hold a flash light so that others are not sitting in the dark. By sharing our story, we can spread awareness. Awareness can help others not in our shoes understand our heartache. More hopeful, make a change so that maybe, just maybe those who do endure infertility will never have to also be diagnosed with “financial infertility”.

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