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Mobile Fertility Organizer Updates by My Hopeful Journey

My Hopeful Journey continues to focus on the mobile community because we recognize the growing needs to be able to manage your information on-the-go!  My Hopeful Journey is happy to announce some wonderful changes for our fertility organizer members.  In the last few months we have made several changes to our mobile app  to better reach and support mobile users.

Mobile registration:

In December we added the ability to register online from mobile devices and we have seen a tremendous increase in our fertility organizer memberships.  This is great news for My Hopeful Journey and the infertility community!

Launched mobile friendly resources website:

We recognize that not all patients have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, so we have made every effort to also make our tools and resources available for all mobile devices.  In addition to our mobile fertility organizer app, we now have a comprehensive director of mobile-friendly resources available on the Infertility Survival Kit website.

iPhone app featuring My Hopeful Journey’s fertility organizer:

We also created the Infertility Survival Kit iPhone app that links directly to our mobile fertility organizer along with other great resources from the Infertility Survival Kit for the community to provide one-stop-access to the tools and resources the mobile infertility community needs.

Our new fertility organizer mobile look & feel:

We recently created a new look featuring navigation shortcuts with less screen to navigate for the mobile organizer.  We have created a toolbar at the bottom to navigate between the calendar, task list, journal and log-off which used to be the opening screen.  We also add a navigation toolbar at the top of the calendar page to allow you to quickly add an appointment, medication, lab test, procedure or natural event at the touch of an icon.  This eliminates several taps that mobile users used to make to enter information.


All of these changes were made to make our mobile fertility organizer app the best app for infertility patients!  We hope you enjoy all these wonderful changes!

Professional services: My Hopeful Journey is a resource for professionals that support the infertility community.  We are happy to work with you to create a mobile strategy to help you better reach the growing needs for the mobile infertility community.  Contact to receive more information on the customized packages that we can create for you and your mobile customers.

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