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IVF4U Now Available and has My Hopeful Journey’s Fertility Organizer

IVF4U Screen ShotSummer is turning out to be HOT HOT HOT  for My Hopeful Journey.  Our first corporate partner, Dr. Dixon – First Steps Fertility,  launched the IVF4U iPhone app that includes My Hopeful Journey’s fertility organizer and it hit #1 in iTunes medical category on July 11th.  

I started working with Dr. Dixon’s staff at First Steps Fertility early this year to incorporate My Hopeful Journey’s fertility organizer into their iPhone app, IVF4U.  They have been hard at work preparing the app and pulling together trusted content for fertility patients to be able to access on-the-go.  The app launched last week and it is flying off the “virtual” shelves!  I can’t tell you how excited I am that my vision of doctors providing this tool to patients is coming true.

The app was featured on July 10, 2013 on CityLine.  View the video (and maybe even a sexy commercial too): Dr. Dixon’s New Fertility App Video  



Dr. Dixon did a fantastic job explaining the reality of how patients don’t always have access to the information that they need and how patients are using their phones (and the internet) to access this information.  She also did a wonderful demo of the app including, the fertility tracker, which is “powered by” My Hopeful Journey. 

As a former infertility patient and a voice for the infertility community, I applaud Dr. Dixon and her staff for being so innovative and for taking a comprehensive approach to educating and providing the necessary tools for their patients and the infertility community to use on this journey.   

IVF4U is a free resource from one of Toronto’s leading reproductive specialists, Dr. Marjorie Dixon.  This app provides important fertility resources on such topics as optimizing fertility, the causes of infertility and medical procedures such as in-vitro fertilization.  This app also contains a free built-in tracker to help patients keep track of essential information related to their fertility treatments in an easy to use, secure way.

App Store Free Download: IVF4U 


Professionals: If you are interested in learning more about My Hopeful Journey’s mobile app solutions, check out our professional resources page or contact me at  Our solutions are quick and easy to implement (and affordable).

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