Infertility Survival Kit – April’s Awesome Listings and New Additions

April 2013 Top and New ListingsThe Infertility Survival Kit was totally rockin in April for National Infertility Awareness Week.  There were so many amazing initiatives and events for the community!  Our National Infertility Awareness Week mobile listing of initiatives maintain its #1 ranking for the 2nd month in a row which I totally love.  That means that people were highly engaged, involved, connected and supported NIAW.

As you know, our listings including events are continuously being updated so please bookmark our blog and the Infertility Survival Kit or download our iPhone app to stay connected.  Our apps and resources are unique to this community and offer you a one-stop-shop for everything infertility ON-THE-GO!

Here are some of the amazing new listings published  in April.  Go check them out and tell them we sent ya!


Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program: First embryo donation and adoption program in the world that allows couples to donate remaining embryos and for others to adopt them and give birth to their adopted child.

Embryo Adoption Awareness Center: The Awareness Center’s increases awareness of embryo donation and adoption through education, support services, outreach and advocacy.


Chances Our: The creator of Retreats for Infertility, an Endometriosis Warrior and translocation carrier, writes about trying to find her way through her infertility journey with humor and grace.

Hope Deferred: Join Jillian Heerlyn as she shares her journey and the truth she is clinging to along the way. Infertility is tough, can be quite lonely but you are not alone. Your pain is real but there is hope… She would love to hear about you and your journey.

New Kind of Normal: A proud YPW (youth pastor’s wife), adoptive mom, blogger, and spoonie, Jamee, began this blog as an outlet for her infertility. It grew to encompass not only infertility but her journey with endometriosis, fibromyalgia, IC, and Celiac disease.

Struggling for a Positive: A thirty three year old woman, very happily married to a wonderful man, with no children, documents the continuation of their 3 year quest for a positive and now IVF territory. Contrary to the opinion of many who like to tell them how lucky they are to be able to do what they want when they want; the fact they have no children is not a life choice.

Where the *BLEEP* is our stork?: Teresa, also known as: “Impatiently Waiting”. She decided to start this blog to help her through her trials and tribulations of trying to conceive. Talking about things, instead of keeping them buried inside, helps her to heal and to keep going.


Instant Mom: In Instant Mom, Nia Vardalos, writer and star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, tells her hilarious and poignant road-to-parenting story that eventually leads to her daughter and prompts her to become a major advocate for adoption.

Jhwee & Jhwah:Nancy Andrie’s children book (written for her daughter and families everywhere) is about a couple trying to conceive through IVF. Jhwah, the egg, falls in love with Jhwee, the sperm, in Dr. T’s swimming pool. Embryo Jhaay is created and a journey begins. Available for purchase on

Single Infertile Female: Adventures in Love, Life, and Infertility: Single Infertile Female tells the story of a girl, still young and looking for love, who is hit with a medical diagnosis that threatens to destroy the future she always believed she would have. Faced with a choice between now or never, she has to decide if love and marriage should always have to come first.


Retreats for Infertility – May 31st – June 2nd (New York): A safe space for women currently struggling with infertility to get comfort and support on their journeys.


Krowd Kidz: Is a crowd funding platform that is dedicated to couples that are trying to build their families through infertility treatment and adoption.

Maverick’s Miracle Babies Foundation: An amazing foundation that provides grants for up to $20,000 for infertility treatment expenses for Texas residents. Maverick Miracle Babies are now accepting grants for Quarter 3 (March 1st – June 30th). Visit their site for information on the application process, grant criteria and more.

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