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#IFbooks Tweetchat Recap

IF Reading List ButtonOn Saturday July 23rd,  I joined Infertility authors including Kathy Vaughn, author of My Journey Through Infertility: Battling Infertility, Dynasty Systems & Old Yankee Healthcare; Kristen Magnaccca, author of  Love and Infertility: Survival Strategies for Balancing Infertility, Marriage and Life; Amanda, author of A Royal Daughter: Christian Lifestyle & Infertility Blog,  Fran Meadows, author of The Truth Behind the Secret Infertility and others to discuss their books, infertility tips and our  newly launched Summer Reading list and upcoming eBook collection.

If you missed it, you can still use #ifbooks to engage with authors and the community.  #IFBOOKS

Here are some of the highlights!

Q1-Authors: Why did you decide to share your #infertility story so publicly?

  • Answers included:  therapy,  Success Stories should be shared,  I could write down emotions that I did not want to speak, really little emotional support available yet  so needed,  help those who are dealing with the same issues,  give hope

Q2 – Community: How do/did others stories help you through your #infertility journey?

  • Answers included: sharing and connecting removed the isolation,  success stories helped me have hope and my intent is to do the same for others,  Others stories help even after #infertility, broke the silence & stigma with infertility, couldn’t make it w/ out the  friends I made online/ still friends today.

Q3 – Authors: Did your book start out as a blog, journal or as a book?

  • Answers included:  my journal reminded  me of the areas to focus on, had  blog about the adoption process. later decided to write a book about my  journey, started as a person in my head giving myself private permission to feel my feelings, Keeping journal helped me deal with my day to day until I knew that others could relate to book.

Q4:-Community: Are you interested in converting your blog or journal into a book?

Q5 – Author: Can you share the main message in your book

Responses for this  began ahead of my questions, was someone cheating? 🙂

  • Answers Included: #Hope Seemed to be a common theme. prayer, scripture reflection and hope, No matter what you can find a way to make your dreams happen, Hope can move mountains, real story with hope inspiration & strength,  From 9 IVF cycles-tips, advice, & the hope that… there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, You are not alone, create a practice of self love, never give up miracles happen), You are powerful beyond measure with inner strength, mama of 1 bonus thru marriage ,3 spirit/adoption & a natural conception &birth at 44

Q6 – Community: What book or blog has most inspired you on your #infertility journey? (besides your own)

  • Answers Include:  Bible, no books but “Adoptive Families” magazine, books would’ve helped… Friends and family didn’t understand, Dr. Alice Domar’s books – infertility therapy,  made an inspirational CD – My IVF Anthems, words of @joelolsteen, weren’t many personal stories that I could find, things have changed so much

Q7 – Authors: Do you encourage woman to write about their #infertility journey? How to start?

  • To blog, keep journals and write to help with the journey/healing process, honest & true to ourselves, just get your thoughts and feelings down on paper. Don’t worry about a book at first, writing can help you deal with your emotions and  help others facing the same hardships.

Q8- All: How do you think technology helps women going through #infertility treatment today vs. 5 years ag

  •  gives them community, tech is more accessible,  essential in supporting others thru #infertility from chats to online support groups/communities to share stories, mobile friendly options, connecting online turned real-life friendships to walk the journey w/you from all over the world, Anonymity but Community From the Heart

Q9- “I wish I would have known…. about #infertility

  • Answers: :How hard it really is and how strong I really am, family history, see a fertility specialist sooner, We are educated young on #pregnancy prevention why not earlier #reproductive #health education?, at my dreams of a family would comes true…I had to wait and open my heart to diff paths, people say stupid stuff and their intention are nothing but good. A little grace goes a long way, how truly worthy I was.

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