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Girlfriend’s Survival Guide: Why journaling helps?

writing - caligraphy penHave you ever noticed how many people are blogging or have special Facebook and Twitter accounts that are dedicated solely to their infertility journey.  Why do you think that is?  Maybe because blogging is a public form of journaling AND journaling is proven to help reduce stress.   I can totally understand if you don’t want to share your infertility story with the entire world wide web as it unfolds but you may want to consider creating a daily journal.


Why does journaling help?

  • Journaling is known to help people during stressful times because it helps you say the things that you want to say but don’t because you don’t want to offend someone, cause a fight or even admit that you are hurting.
  • Journaling allows you to connect to your emotions in a deeper way allowing you to explore those feelings and why you feel the way you do.  You can let all of your feelings out on paper and as the saying goes; you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.
  • There is no judgment so you can be honest and open and let your true emotions out on paper.
  • Journaling can help you let go of the story that you may be replaying over in your head about a past situation so you can move forward with a clearer mind to focus on the present.
  • Journaling lets you evaluate difficult situations that you have experienced and identify other ways for coping with these situations.  You will likely notice that there are specific triggers that encourage certain reactions.  Acknowledging those triggers can help you better prepare.  Over time, you will notice your stress level is reduced.

Many of the authors in the Summer Reading List Compilation eBook told us that their books actually started as journals.  We even had a twitter chat and asked them the question “Do you encourage woman to write about their infertility journey and how do you start?”  They said… YES, writing helps with the journey/healing process.  Start by getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper, keep a journal or start a blog.   This is how many of them started and they later decided to turn their journal into a memoir that they published.

This eBook collection provides you a variety of ways to relieve the stress that can overcome you on your journey.   Surviving Infertility: Month to Month provides 11 different exercises that range from journaling, self-evaluation, and even an exercise for you and your partner to express the magnitude of gratitude for one another.  You will also learn about advocacy and simple ways to get involved and connect to the community.  You will also have a chance to preview 14 books from infertility authors, including memoirs & even a fertility cookbook to see which ones best match your needs.  Create an e-journal with your premium membership to My Hopeful Journey’s fertility organizer, either from your desktop or mobile device.  

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Girlfriend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility eBook collection includes several eBooks and bonus content worth over $100 for just $19

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  • The Truth Behind the Secret Infertility – Fran Meadows ($10.95)
  • The Modern Girl’s Guide to Natural Fertility – Marni Hotchkiss ($15)
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  • Infertility Summer Reading List Compilation eBook
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More about the eBook Collection: Girlfriend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility


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