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Girlfriend’s Survival Guide: The Truth Behind the Secret Infertility

truth about secret coverFran Meadows has been my sister in infertility for over two years.  We have yet to meet face to face but we have grown to be very close collaborators, community partners and best of all, VIFs (Virtual Infertility Friends).   We both have an unwavering passion to support and advocate for this community.   We have often discussed our desire to reach the community, share our experiences and ultimately connect one another to the community to optimize the resources that can sometimes be very scattered.  Fran and I are always talking about how we can better reach the community and make a difference to those that need help.   When I asked her to collaborate with me on this eBook, she was immediately on board.

Fran can be found throughout the collection in the Surviving Infertility Month to Month Guide, Infertility Insights: Voices Shared, Lessons Learned, Summer Reading List Compilation and of course her very own book, The Truth Behind the Secret Infertility.

Here is what Fran has the say about this collection:

I am honored to be a contributor in this collection. It was important for me to be part of this project since infertility is near and dear to my heart.  It gave me the opportunity to share more of my tips of survival through infertility and a feeling of supporting others through this collection. I hope that this collection will allow others to open up about their experiences or at least know that there are others that truly understand the pain they are going through.  Looking back on my infertility experiences it was always hard to find books or other material that you can relate to in a private yet conversational manner. Privacy is a big part of this journey as I know that is why I shared my experiences in my book The Truth Behind The Secret “Infertility”.  I knew that me sharing my story would help others know they are not alone!  My book is part of the collection so that others can join in my journey.  It is a perfect fit as this collection is a conversational project that connects many other women in the community.  Women need to vent, share and have an open conversation of their infertility experiences, this guide will help and provide a great amount of support as you read through the collection.  It will connect you to other patients that have been where you are and professionals that share their expertise with easy practices that help you balance the stress while balancing you through the process. It will also give you tips to surviving and simplifying your journey. 

This eBook is one of the amazing books you will get when you purchase The Girlfriend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility & more:

  • Surviving Infertility Month to Month Guide eBook
  • 6 Bonus eBooks including books from the Infertility Summer Reading List
  • a 1 year premium membership to My Hopeful Journey’s fertility organizer &
  • Bonus Guide: Three Simple Steps to Setting Boundaries with Your Fertile Friends Guide

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