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Girlfriend’s Survival Guide – Infertility Insights: Lessons Learned, Voices Shared Bonus eBook

Infertility Insights Voices Shared Lessons Learned book coverI have often thought about how many life lessons I learned in a relatively short period of time on my infertility journey.  I look back on the times in my life that were the most challenging and I recognize that those times are also what I credit to the strength and courage that I have gained and the person I have become.   I know that there are so many others out there like me that have learned valuable lesson along their journey too.   So, I asked the community to share what they have learned in this eBook.  I wish I would have had access to the online communities, blogs, apps and resources that are available today. 

 I hope you enjoy this collection of infertility insights by many of the voices in the infertility community.  This eBook was created for those of you that have been entrenched in the infertility journey for years AND the newbies that are trying to gather all the information that they can so they can be as prepared as possible for the journey ahead.   First, it provides those that have experienced infertility an outlet to reflect back on their journey and to share their lessons learned in the hope of reaching others in the community.  Second, it provides those that are just embarking on their infertility journey, the perspective of so many that have already experienced infertility first hand and lets you know that you are not alone.  If you can relate to or learn from this eBook, then my mission is complete.

Infertility Insights: Voices Shared, Lessons learned is a collection of responses from the community when I asked them to complete this statement:  I wish I would have known…. about infertility.  It is one of the many eBooks in the Girlfriend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility eBook Collection.

The Girlfriend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility includes:

  • Surviving Infertility Month to Month Guide eBook
  • 6 Bonus eBooks including books from the Infertility Summer Reading List
  • a 1 year premium membership to My Hopeful Journey’s fertility organizer &
  • Bonus Guide: Three Simple Steps to Setting Boundaries with Your Fertile Friends Guide

The cost of each of these items individually would $123.90 BUT in this collection is only $19 – SAVING 85%

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More about the eBook Collection: Girlfriend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility

If you would like to add your own insights to the next version of this eBook: GO HERE and we’ll be sure to include your voice.

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