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Girlfriend’s Survival Guide: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Natural Fertility

cover-bridge-to-babyThe Girlfiend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility eBook collection includes A Modern Girl’s Guide to Natural Fertility by Marni Hotchkiss.  This guide will help you get educated about natural fertility. From what foods to eat, what to avoid, alternative treatment methods, herbs, toxins and more! Get pregnant the more natural way with support from women who have experienced infertility and professionals who help.

What foods should you eat while trying to conceive?

What foods should you avoid?

How can acupuncture help?

  • What tips and tools can help make my journey less stressful and more fun?

The total collection includes:

Surviving Infertility: Month to Month Guide – Lisa Drouillard & Fran Meadows ($19)Contributors include:  Candace & Chris from MTV’s True Life – I’m Desperate the Have a Baby & Bloggers, Joanne Verkuilen – Circle + Bloom, Helen Adrienne – Author & licensed Social Worker and certified Hypnotherapist, Molly Nichols – Mind Belly Connection,  Renee Waggener – Xraordinary Fertility & Jill Wardell – Coach

The Truth Behind the Secret Infertility – Fran Meadows ($10.95)

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Natural Fertility – Marni Hotchkiss ($15)

Annual Premium Membership to My Hopeful Journey’s Fertility Organizer & Quick Start Guide ($60)

Exclusive Bonus Content by bloggers, authors and professionals:

Infertility Summer Reading List Compilation eBook

Infertility Insights: Voices Shared, Lessons Learned eBook

Three Simple Steps to Setting Boundaries with Your Fertile Friends Guide

Three Strategies for Taking Charge of Your Fertility eBook

The cost of each of these items individually would $123.90 BUT in this collection is only $19 – SAVING 85%


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