Free 5 Point Mobile Check-up

Mobile Check up

In the prior post, Your patients are mobile, are you?, we shared how smartphone internet use has bypassed traditional desktop internet use in 2014.  What does this mean to you?

Don’t let technology and unfamiliar terminology scare you aware from adopting mobile strategies.  I can help…

Everyone that responds will receive a professional listing in the Infertility Survival Kit and the first 5 people that respond will receive a FREE 5 Point Mobile Inspection.  The report will highlight how your business rates in relation to mobile.  The report will allow you to quickly identify areas that you can improve in order to expand your mobile audience reach.  To be eligible, you MUST send me the top 5 browsers and the percentages (you can leave out the page traffic if you are shy) that access your websites.

My top browsers are:

  1. Safari (in App) – This is my #1 hands down and is almost the same as the other 4 browsers together!
  2. Safari
  3. Chrome
  4. Internet Explorer
  5. Firefox

BUT where is Android???  I can’t believe I found android at #6 on my list!

Instructions: 2 Simple Steps to Checking Your Top 5 Browsers

Now hurry up and send your results to lisa at myhopefuljourney dot com The first 5 responses will receive a custom report from me.

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