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Fertility Journal – Day 28: I AM READY!

“i am ready for the next stage of my life


Day 28:  If you have followed along with the daily inspirations here or the Circle + Bloom eBook, I hope it has helped you!  This exercise has really helped me to stay positive, aware and forward focused.  It took me a little extra time to go through the 28 days because of all of the conflicting priorities, hurricane Sandy, the approaching Thanksgiving holiday, etc. and it started to stress me out to think that I wasn’t always posting a new journal entry each day.  But I realized that if I allowed myself to stress about this, it wasn’t going along with the intent of this exercise. I cut myself some slack and did my best!

I strongly encourage you to continue the practices that we have explored through Circle + Bloom’s eBook and their other wonderful programs.  I wish you all the best on your journey. Be good to yourself, take care of yourself and most of all LOVE yourself!

If you would like to read more of today’s inspiration, see the Circle + Bloom eBook  – 28 Ways In 28 Days to Re-think your Fertility – Tips To Getting Pregnant.  My Hopeful Journey has a journal for you to document your daily inspiration entry.  We have collaborated with Circle and Bloom to offer a free 6-month My Hopeful Journey membership with any of the inspirational products purchased including the eBook that we are using for our daily journaling.  Please join us on your journey.


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