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Fertility App Round-Up and Techie Tools on Your Journey

fertility app round-upIf you are an app-oholic like me… I know you will LOVE this post.  My Hopeful Journey’s Infertility Survival Kit iPhone app has recently been spotted in App Round-up and Techie Tool articles for the infertility community.   We are really honored to be acknowledged in these articles alongside some terrific infertility superstars.  Most of the apps in the articles are free and provide excellent information so give them a try and share them with your community.

Fertility App Round-Up by Fertility Road Magazine reviewed five apps for fertility and here’s what they said about the Infertility Survival Kit. “This app is a must have for anyone having a difficult time trying to conceive or who is going through infertility diagnosis and treatment. With a mission is to simplify infertility, this app offers some amazing resources and tools to help you on your parenting journey.”  Check out the other 4 apps PLUS some other great resources in this app-tastic article!

The American Fertility Association: Fertility Apps: Techie Tools to Consider on your Journey reviewed both apps in two categories:

  • Apps that are helpful in tracking your cycle & predicting your fertility window AND
  • Apps that are helpful for more advanced stages of family building that provide more sophisticated information

The Infertility Survival Kit was listed in the second category among 4 other apps including apps by Attain Fertility and Freedom Fertility Pharmacy to name a few.  Infertility Survival Kit (iOS, Free) provides a “fertility organizer,” a comprehensive directory of resources and infertility terms and information. The directory of resources includes clinics, apps & tools, books, mind-body programs, products and other resources. The organizer provides a location to manage information via a task list, journal and calendar. Color coding for appointments and other categories is customizable and expense tracking can be programmed in. Easy login access from any computer is possible and custom reports can be created to review with your physician.

My Hopeful Journey’s Infertility Survival Kit’s resources and fertility organizer are also available from any mobile browser so you can use these resources from virtually any smartphone or tablet too.

Please share this on facebook and twitter using the #infertility hashtag so anyone that is going through infertility can benefit from these amazing apps… including ours.

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