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Embyro Adoption: Share the Hope

Embryo Adoption logoToday our guest blog post features Embryo donation and adoption, a new way to adopt! Rather than adopting a child who has already emerged from her mother’s womb, embryo adoption allows the adopting family to begin the adoption journey nine months earlier with pregnancy and childbirth. The following story is a guest blog post from Nightlight Christian Adoption’s Embryo Adoption Awareness Center Blog about a couple that did just that.

A life without children seemed a curse without cure. My whole life I had dreamed of motherhood only to have those dreams crushed with the words “You and your husband are not likely to conceive children together.” For seven long years we waited for our empty arms to be filled.

In September of 1999, I read an article from Focus on the Family about Embryo Adoption. By December we had finished our home study and submitted all our paperwork. In February of 2000, we received the much anticipated phone call! A genetic family in the Northwestern United States had chosen us to adopt their embryos. They mailed us a letter about themselves and pictures of their family.
Transfer day arrived in August. Two weeks later we received the news we had waited so long to hear. I was pregnant!

Nine months later, we sat staring at the most beautiful little boy we had ever laid eyes on. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the family that chose life for our son and allowed us the privilege of becoming parents. When we look at our son, we see the fingerprints of God. Infertility was a devastating storm in our life, but the seasons of plenty that came from the rain resulted in a gift of hope—our son, Tanner James Brinkman.

Jim and Doni’s Story of Embryo Adoption

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The couples from the above stories used Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program, a new addition to the Infertility Survival Kit and the first embryo donation and adoption program in the world.

All of the embryos matched with adopting families in the Snowflakes program are donated by families who originally created them for their own in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. The donated embryos wait in frozen storage until these parents choose to donate this gift of life! There are now more than 600,000 frozen embryos in storage in the United States, and hundreds of thousands more worldwide.

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