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Congrats to Resolve’s 2014 Night of Hope Bloggers & Summer Infertility Blogger Challenge

ISK Home Phone Screen 2014

As a former infertility patient I know how overwhelming it can be to find the resources and support you need when you need it.  My passion is to help the community by providing patients access to the best resources by using the latest technology.  The latest version of the Infertility Survival Kit is now available in the App Store Of course, if you don’t have an iPhone, it is also viewable from any device.

We have made some major improvements including a Blog Feed!  The blog feed allows you to scan blog posts from many bloggers in one place.  These bloggers are all blogging for the infertility community and many of them were recently nominated for Resolve’s Night of Hope Best Blogs.  You can check out recent Night of Hope nominees Our Misconception & Don’t Count Your Eggs in the blog feed and connect with Amateur Nester in our blogroll with many other amazing community bloggers.

We are also doing the FIRST EVER infertility blogger challenge in our iPhone app and mobile feed.  Our Blog Feed bloggers are getting ready to start the challenge on July 15th.  It will run through August 15th and the blogger with the most views (from the Blog Feed) will win a $25 gift card.

  1. Summer Vacation and Infertility – Bloggers can write about an upcoming or recently taken vacation and their personal journey, how to schedule a vacation while in the midst of treatment, IVF tourism, or taking a vacation from treatment OR WHATEVER ELSE FALLS INTO THIS CATEGORY.
  2. Summer Reading List – Bloggers can write about one of the books, authors or websites in the Summer Reading list

How can you participate?

Community: Download the app and click on Blog Feed or go to the mobile blogroll feed and check out the latest blog posts from our amazing bloggers

Professional: Would you like to sponsor a topic?  Great, contact

Blogger: Want to participate?  It isn’t too late, contact and I’ll send you instructions on how to join.


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